Thursday, November 18, 2004

Herbed Stuffing with Sausage

This is delicious warmed up when leftover. I can never quite decide whether I like the stuffing out of the bird or that baked in a casserole better.

1 large package of stuffing crumbs (I prefer those made by Pepperidge Farm)
1 large onion, chopped
1 16 ounce package of pork sausage (preferably Jones Sausage)
2 cups celery, chopped fine
Bell's seasoning to taste

Prepare the stuffing as directed on the back of the package.....butter boiled in water, et cetera. Meanwhile, cook the onions and celery together (in butter). After the onions and celery start to melt a bit add the sausage in pinchfuls to the pan. Cook thoroughly until the sausage meat is firm and clearly cooked all the way through. In the meantime, the butter/water mixture should be coming to a boil. Dump the entire package of stuffing crumbs into the pot. Wet thoroughly with the hot butter/water mixture. Pour the sausage-onion-celery mixture into the pot. Then, add a teaspoon or two of Bell's seasoning to the mixture. Pack this into the neck cavity of the bird and to the interior chest cavity of the bird. Sew the bird up with a needle threaded with black thread, the better for seeing once the bird is cooked. Any leftover stuffing can be baked in a casserole dish.

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