Thursday, November 18, 2004

Mashed Potatoes

Very very easy.

Boil three potatoes per person. Idahoes are very nice.

Peel potatoes. Chop in half. Boil for about an hour or until the tip of a knife goes clear through the potato without any resistance. Drain potatoes in a large collander. Return the potatoes to the pot (now emptied of water but still on a low flame....this will help to evaporate whatever moisture is want the potatoes to be dry before you start to mash them). I find a metal masher is best. Once you have started to break them down add a splash of whole milk, a dash of salt, and a chunk of butter.....adjust the milk, salt, and butter according to the number of potatoes in the pot. Mash quickly, turn the flame off, and cover the potatoes until ready to serve.


PaulaWalla said...

I love, love, love mashed potatoes! I usually leave the skin on though because the thought of wasting food, especially with all those vitamins and minerals just kills me. Plus I like the taste. Same goes for cucumbers - I always leave the skin on, much to the dismay of some...

Eagle said...

This is the kind of recipe I need. How to make mashed potatoes, how to cook vegetables and some basic meats. My kids hate when I make dinner (which is mabye twice a year).

I usually make them rashers (Irish bacon) and sausages with eggs. They're never impressed.