Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Roasted Turkey

The best way to roast a Turkey is to loosen the skin on the Breast of the Turkey, and fill it with Force Meat made thus: Take a Quarter of a Pound of Beef Sewet, as many Crumbs of Bread, a little Lemon peel, an Anchovy, some Nutmeg, Pepper, Parsley, and a little Thyme. Chop and beat them all well together, mix them with the Yolk of an Egg, and stuff up the Breast; then you have no Sewet, Butter will do; or you may make your Force Meat thus: spread Bread and Butter thin, and grate some Nutmeg over it; when you have enough roll it up, and stuff the Breast of the Turkey; then roast it of a fine Brown, but be sure to pin some white Paper on the Breast till it is near enough. You must have a good gravy in the Dish, and Bread Sauce, made thus: Take a good piece of Crumb, put it into a pint of Water, with a blade or two of Mace, two or three Cloves, and some Whole Pepper. Boil it up five or six times, then with a spoon take out the Spice you had before put in and then you must pour off the Water (you may boil an Onion if you please) then beat up the Bread with a good Piece of Butter and a little Salt.


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