Wednesday, December 22, 2004

A Turkey Aladoub

Take a Turkey, cut off the penions, and leggs, and break the brest bone, lard it with large pieces of Bacon, rond in a nice piece of browne butter and spice, put it in high season'd gravey and let it stew until it is tender, then take it out of the broth into ye dish, take all the fatt of ye Broth, if possible browne some butter and straine ye broth into it, three anchoves, and an Onion shred very fine, about a dozen spoonfulls of white Wine, some Morslley truffles, sweet breads cut in dice, pallatts sliced thin, mushrooms, and Forcedmeats, the juice of a Lemon, and a good piece of butter, give them a boyle together, pour them over the Turkey, garnish it with patties, when you first put it in rub the pann with a clove of Garlike, you may stuff the brest with forced meat and likewise ye Belley, let the sauce be very thick and very high seasoned.

XVIIth Century

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