Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Sauce for a Goose

Take a fair panne, and set hit under the goose whill sche rostes, and kepe clene the grese that droppes therof, and put thereto a godele (good deal) of wyn and a litel vynegur and verjus and onyons mynced or garlek; then take the gottes of the goose, and slitte hom and scrape hom clene in watur and salt, and so wassh hom, and sethe hom, and hak hom smal; then do all this togedur in a postenet, and do thereto raisinges of corance (Corinth) and pouder of pepur, and of gynger, and of canell, and hole clowes, and maces, and let hit boyle, and serve hit forthe.

XIVth - XVth Century

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